Why Choose Us?

Coastal Custom Remodeling in Plympton, Massachusetts is a newly established company that has been licensed for more than 15 years. That means when you hire us, you will be dealing with professionals with a depth of expertise.

For this reason, we are slowly gaining the trust of clients as we have garnered the respect of industry professionals.

Our strong foundation in project management and carpentry enables us to handle any project smoothly while keeping our standards high. Furthermore, we have a branch (condo and property management company) that specializes in repairs and turnkey renovations for multifamily residences.

Memberships and Certifications

We are a proud member of the Home Advisor and Networx online networks of contractors. In addition, we have a Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License (CSL), Lead Abatement certification, and a LEED certification.

Property Management

Get a detailed estimate and a project work schedule so you are able to keep track of developments. Using state-of-the-art technology, we finish repairs correctly, something we take absolute pride in.

Residential Work

Apart from the project schedule, we also provide up-to-date pictures for residential projects. We keep a Dropbox account for a hands-free access.